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24th Annual Chuck Long Charity Auction "Home Edition"

Welcome to the 
24th Annual Chuck Long Charity Auction “Home Edition”, presented by our incredible friends at
the Atlantic Bottling Company!

It's been a challenging year for all due to the Covid-19 pandemic.The loss of jobs and health insurance has resulted in even more kids and families throughout eastern Iowa and western Illinois needing our help! Our kids never give up and we know that with your generosity, we will be able to continue our 72-year mission of helping kids with disabilities and delays receive the life-altering therapy they need to achieve their highest level of independence -- regardless of a family's ability to pay for needed services!

 This online auction includes over 200 items to bid on and you're also able to purchase units of therapy (individual units, one week of therapy and one month of therapy) for kids in need. Our “LIVE” auction items will be available for online bidding from
6:00 - 9:00 p.m. CST on Saturday, May 1st.

 We may not be physically together for this year’s
auction, but we hope that you will be with us in spirit, by bidding high and bidding often!

 Thank you in advance, for
loving our kiddos as much as we do!

**Winning bidders may pick up items at the Children's Therapy Center (4450 48th Avenue Court, Rock Island) the week of May 3rd - May 7th from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Please call Tim Smith at (309)798-1708 when you arrive to pick up your items.

**Some items may be available for local delivery. Bidders are responsible for shipping costs. Please direct all delivery and shipping/cost inquiries to Tim Smith at**

Special Guests

  • Adalynn

    Read Adalynn's Story (click on photo)


    Read Adalynn's Story (click on photo)

    "She's gonna bring you so much JOY!" These are the kind words I wish every parent of a child with Down Syndrome could hear when their child is born. It would be an invitation to focus on the bright possibilities ahead, rather than the dark uncertainties. It would be an invitation to stare directly into the face of confusion and doubt and pull yourself up with confidence knowing that good days are ahead. When Adalynn was born, we had not idea what lay ahead of us. But had I known then what I know know, I am certain I would not have shed one tear over her diagnosis. Had I known then what amazing support we would receive from our community and a whole host of therapists along the way, I know I would've faced those early days with more more resolve. We have seen Adalynn grow and thrive over the past four years, and one thing this "host of therapists" has taught us is to celebrate the many, smaller milestones of development that may go unnoticed by other parents. When your child has a disability, you look at all of their new-found abilities in a whole new light and you learn to find joy in each of those moments. We have special gratitude for all those therapists who have not only helped Adalynn succeed, but have taught us to observe, celebrate, stay optimistic and live with joy! - Melissa Earnest, mother to Adalynn

  • Jobari

    Read Jobari's Story (click on photo)


    Read Jobari's Story (click on photo)

    Gina thought her pregnancy was progressing normally. Then one day at 28 weeks, she started hemorrhaging and knew something was wrong. She drove herself to emergency room at UnityPoint Trinity where she was told that she was in the late stages of labor and there was no way to stop the birth of her baby boy. Jobari came fast, arriving 12 weeks early and weighing just 2 lbs./13 oz., and was suffering from a bilateral brain bleed. The hospital had called OSF Children's Hospital of Illinois upon Gina's arrival at the hospital, and a helicopter was waiting to transport Jobari to their NICU in Peoria. After four weeks, this tiny baby was transferred back to UnityPoint HealthTrinity so he could be closer to his family in Rock Island. Unfortunately, Jobari developed an infection and had to be airlifted back to OSF Children's Hospital. A total of eight weeks passed before he was finally discharged and welcomed home by his family. Jobari's diagnosis is spastic cerebral palsy, affecting both his arms and legs. He started receiving therapy through Early Intervention as an infant and has been a part of the Children's Therapy Center family for nearly all his life. At almost eight years old, Jobari now prefers to be called TARZAN and keeps our CTC staff laughing and on our toes with his great sense of humor and uncanny memory. Gina warned us years ago, "He never forgets what you tell him, and he'll call you out if you forget or try to pull one over on him!" He continues weekly physical therapy sessions with Mr. James, working on exercises and activities to strengthen the muscles in his legs, core and trunk. He currently uses a gait trainer to help with walking and mobility. He loves to do push ups and pull ups and has started martial arts classes along with his younger brother. This past fall, "Tarzan" was so excited to receive an adaptive bike from the incredible folks at the Atlantic Bottling Company and Variety -- the Children's Charity Iowa! Says mom, "Jobari has never seen himself as different from other kids; he just does whatever he has to do!"

Agenda for May 1st

  1. LIVE Auction items available for bidding!
  2. Don't forget! You can also give the gift of one unit, one week, one month or any other donation of life-altering therapy to our kids!
  3. Silent Auction bidding ends

**Please Note**

All sales are final and there are no exchanges or refunds on items.

The Children's Therapy Center makes no express or implied warranties on auction items other than those from the manufacturer which may be included in your purchase.

Auction item values are estimated by the donor. Your tax deductible contribution is limited to the excess of the amount contributed over the value of the goods and/or services provided.

A Special Thank You

Each winning bidder or donor will receive a free gift courtesy of our generous friends at:

Atlantic Bottling Company

Fareway Stores

Chick-fil-A (Northpark Mall - Davenport, IA)

McDonald's (Moline)